Noah Diminick, MD, FAAP is a Pediatric Hospitalist at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center. He is also Assistant Clinical Professor, Pediatrics, Tufts University, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UNE College of Medicine.

Dr. Diminick graduated with a BA from University of Virginia and received his MD at the University of Vermont. Residency was completed in 2011 at Pediatric Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He received the Excellence in Teaching Citation, Pediatric Clerkship, 2018, 2019 at Tufts University School of Medicine, Maine Medical Center.

Scholarship Areas of Interest: To improve the management of pediatric illness to benefit patients and families as well as increase collaborative care through different phases of the hospital system and provide an opportunity to advance education and close knowledge gaps among all care team professionals and learners.

Project Name: Improvement in Interdisciplinary ED and Hospital Care of Pediatric Asthma