My name is Mike, and I am the clinical nurse educator for the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit, and cardiothoracic step down floor (R1). I have been a nurse since 2009 and have mainly worked in critical care settings. I have also taught nursing clinical for USM in the past. I enjoy all things education and professional development and am passionate about using innovative methods to enhance engagement. I am presenting at the Magnet conference in October and will be speaking about an escape room project focusing on nursing sensitive quality indicators that myself and a few other educators created. I am currently working on my master’s in nursing education at Walden University and should be done March 2023.

I live in Windham with my partner and 8-year-old daughter. I consider myself an escape room enthusiast (I have played over 350 escape rooms).

I love Halloween, the beach, theme parks, and wildlife. I am also participating in a Spartan Trifecta this summer/fall.

Project Name: R1 (Cardiothoracic Surgery Step Down) Intermediate Care Simulation Immersion Series