Transitions of Care

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The patient handoff: a comprehensive curricular blueprint for resident education to improve continuity of care

By MV Wohlauer et al. from Academic Medicine

This article outlines a blueprint developed to guide educators in customizing handoff education programs to fit their specific, local needs. The curriculum blueprint is included in this article.

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iPASS Original Study

The mission of the I-PASS Study Group is to improve patient safety by standardizing provider communication, with a specific focus on improving transitions of care.

Getting Out of Silos: An Innovative Transitional Care Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents Through Experiential Interdisciplinary Learning

By Nancy Schoenborn & Colleen Christmas from the Journal of Graduate Medical Education

This article offers  Curriculum concepts and activities that  can help establish one’s own curriculum.

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Toward Safe Hospital Discharge: A Transitions in Care Curriculum for Medical Students

By Susan Bray-Hall et al. from the Journal of General Internal Medicine

This article focuses on medical students and offers some basic concepts for a curriculum.

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Planning a Care Transitions Curriculum

from the Annual Reynolds Meeting


  • Compare different models for training in care transitions.
  • Know the key elements that could be included in a care transitions curriculum and individualize these to different types of learners.
  • Apply appropriate outcomes metrics to measure the success of their care transitions curricula.

29 slides

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