“As a junior faculty member, META has created a community of colleagues with a shared interest in education and has contributed significantly to my grounding in educational research methodology.”

Timothy Fallon, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine

META Scholars – Class of 2014

                                Seated (L to R):  John Hatzenbuehler, Marybeth Ford, Vicki Hayes, Casey MacVane, Leah Mallory, Patrice Thibodeau                               Standing L to R):  Sarah Hallen, Rick Tockman, Dan Meyer, Rob Anderson, Donald Medd, Garth Miller


                     Rob Anderson, MD, Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine                     Leah Mallory, MD, Pediatrics

                     Marybeth Ford, MD, Opthalmology                                                                   Donald Medd, MDM, Internal Medicine

                     Sarah Hallen, MD, Geratrics                                                                                  Dan Meyer, MD, Internal Medicine

                     John Hatzenbuehler, MD, Family Medicine                                                     Garth Miller, MD, Surgery

                     Vicki Hayes, MD, Family Medicine                                                                       Patrice Thibodeau, MD, Med-Peds

                     Casey MacVane, MD, Emergency Medicine                                                      Rick Tockman, MD, Family Medicine


  2014-2016 Scholars

2014-2016 Scholars
Seated (L to R): Garth Miller, Katie Diamond-Falk, Stephen Hayes, Marybeth Ford Standing (L to R): Timothy Fallon, Shannon Bennett, Sarah Hallen, Hilamber Subba, Kathleen McGarr, Vicki Hayes, Elizabeth Herrle, Ellis Johnson

 2016-2018 Scholars

Seated (L to R) Tamara Palka, Gary DiPerna, Ross Isacke Standing (L to R) Eliza Bullis, Emily Zarookian, and Sanjeev Francis

  • Tamara Palka, MD-Psychiatry
  • Gary DiPerna, DO-Nephrology
  • Ross Isacke, DO-Internal Medicine
  • Eliza Bullis, MD-Internal/Geriatric Medicine
  • Emily Zarookian, MD-Internal Medicine
  • Sanjeev Francis, MD-Cardiovascular Disease

 2017-2019 Scholars

(L to R): Christopher Turner, Matthew Buttarazzi, Kathryn Brouillette, Annabelle Rae C. Norwood, and Carly McAteer

Past Scholars

  • Shannon Bennett, D.O. – Pediatrics
  • Katie Diamond-Falk, M.D. – Med-Peds
  • Timothy Fallon, M.D. – Emergency Medicine
  • Marybeth Ford, M.D. – Ophthalmology
  • Sarah Hallen, M.D. – Geriatrics
  • Stephen Hayes, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • Robert Anderson, MD – Internal / Emergency Medicine
  • Donald Medd, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Dan Meyer, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Rick Tockman, MD – Family Medicine
  • Vicki Hayes,M.D. – Family Medicine
  • Elizabeth Herrle, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • Ellis Johnson, M.D., M.P.H. – Internal Medicine
  • Kathleen McGarr, M.D., FAAFP – Family Medicine
  • Garth Miller, M.D. – Surgery
  • Hilamber Subba, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • John Hatzenbuehler, MD – Family Medicine
  • Leah Mallory, MD – Peds
  • Peds Patrice Thibodeau, MD – Med-Peds