MITE Academy Graduate Scholars Program Application

Graduates of the Academy are active teachers within Maine Medical Center and its educational partners who have completed the Scholar program within the past 3 years. To join the academy as a Graduate Scholar, scholar program alumni must submit a teaching portfolio (TUSM format suggested) and current CV (TUSM format required). As part of the teaching portfolio, which contains current and past teaching activities and materials, a summary of the planned teaching activities for the next year must be included. Application materials can be sent to the Academy at any time. Approval will be made by the executive committee. Graduates have a 5-year renewal term. One Graduate Scholar is elected to the executive committee and serves for 2 years.

Questions? Please contact Denham Ward, MD, PhD at or Bob Bing-You, MD MEd, at

If you have any technical questions, please contact Elizabeth (Sue) Rose at in the Department of Medical Education.

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