Academy Fellows are recognized for their sustained excellence in teaching and their educational leadership roles.

Fellows of the Academy are elected to the academy for 5-year renewable terms, and renewal of membership is determined by active participation in the Academy’s programs and continued excellence in education. Fellows of the Academy are elected by the Masters to the Academy, and nominations are accepted annually. Election to the academy is honorific but also carries the responsibility to become an active participant in the Academy, and are expected to serve as mentors and advisors to Academy Scholars and others, and lead Academy sponsored workshops and seminars. Academy Fellows are role models for all educators in the academic community.

*** Now accepting applications for the Academy Fellows ***

Academy Fellows

  • Angela Leclerc PA-C, MS, Critical Care
  • Casey MacVane, MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine
  • Christina Holt, MD, Family Medicine
  • Christine Hein, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Christopher Turner, MD, Surgery
  • Daniel I Spratt, MD, Medicine
  • Deborah Ann Hoch  DNP, ACNP-BC, Nephrology
  • Edmund (Ted) Sears, MD, Critical Care
  • Erin Belfort, MD, Psychiatry
  • Frank Chessa, PhD, Medicine
  • John E. Erickson, MD FACP, Medicine
  • Leah Mallory, MD, Pediatrics
  • Lucy Liaw, PhD, MHIR
  • Mark Parker, MD, FACP, FASN, Nephrology
  • Renee Fallon, PharmD, DPLA, Pharmacy
  • Samantha L Wood, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Sara W. Nelson, MD, FACEP, Emergency Medicine
  • Sarah Hallen, MD, Geriatrics
  • Thomas P. Gearan, MD, Medicine
  • Thomas Van der Kloot, MD, Critical Care
  • Tom Reynolds, DO, Pediatric Neurology
  • Wendy Y. Craig, PhD, MHIR

In Memorium (Fellow)

  • Randy Darby, MD, Anesthesiology