BBCH Scholarship Academy Funding Request Form

BBCH Scholarship Academy funds are available to all current BBCH Scholarship Academy members to further the goals of their scholarship projects supported by the academy. Examples of appropriate activities that members could receive funding for include: transcription services, specialized training, a needed software package, abstract submission fee or registration to a conference. The maximum amount of funds available through the BBCH SA per project is 3,000 dollars.

  • Applicant Information

  • Please describe the design of your project including: background, specific aim(s)/goals, and if/how patients and families will be involved in the project design and/or implementation.
  • Please describe the potential significance of this project on the quality or efficiency of patient care and/or care team preparation or well-being.
  • Please describe how this project builds on existing ideas, approaches, strategies, and/or partnerships.
  • Please describe your proposed use of requested funds including: the total dollar amount of funding requested (max $3,000) and specific amounts of funding per item.
  • Please describe how these funds will contribute to the success of the project. Please describe how the success of the project will further your career goals and/or the career goals of others.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.