Faculty-Resident Scholarship Program

Winter/Spring 2021-2022 Application Cycle

Although assistance with research is available through Maine Medical Center Research Institute, MMC Institute for Teaching Excellence and the BBCH Scholarship Academy; protected time continues to remain an expressed need of many clinician scholars to accomplish their scholarship goals. In addition, faculty mentorship of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residents is critical to the successful completion of resident scholarship requirements during the three or four years of residency. To address these needs, we have started a pilot initiative called the BBCH Faculty-Resident Scholarship Program. This program will support up to 0.1 FTE of protected time for up to 10 faculty members to work with residents on a scholarly project. The expectation of program participation is regional or national dissemination of products of scholarship within 2 years of start of participation.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

MMP Physicians with a Tufts Faculty Appointment who are working with a Pediatric or Internal Medicine-Pediatrics resident on a scholarship project (research, quality improvement, education, and advocacy) are eligible to apply. The project may be faculty initiated, but must substantively involve a resident. The participation of a TUSM medical student is optional, but encouraged. Members of the BBCH Scholarship Academy are encouraged to apply.

What do Successful Faculty Applicants get?

Successful applicants will receive 0.1 FTE for 12 months following IRB-approval of their project. This time will be used to work with a resident to implement and analyze the results of a project that will result in scholarly output (an abstract, presentation, or workshop presented at a regional or national meeting and/or peer reviewed paper) within two years. It is up to the scholar and their Division Leadership to determine the faculty’s schedule of clinical and scholarship time. If faculty members want to work together on a project, 0.05 FTE for two scholars may be awarded for a total of 0.1 FTE per project.

How are Applications Reviewed and Selected?

Following an initial screening of the Letter of Intent by Pediatric Department and Pediatric Residency leadership, applications will be scored by the BBCH Scholarship Academy Steering Committee and MMC Pediatric Residency Scholarship Rotation leader. The scoring will be guided by a rubric for evaluation and applicants that receive top scores will be selected for this program.

Successful applications will have the following characteristics:

  • Faculty will have a demonstrated expertise in the area of the proposed project
  • One or more resident(s) will be co-investigator(s) in the project
  • The proposed project will be well-designed and feasible
  • The proposed project will align with one or more of our priority areas in Children’s Health
    • Care team wellbeing
    • Care team training & support
    • Care coordination & connections
    • Patient care – inpatient and/or outpatient
    • Community & environmental health
  • The proposed project will be focused enough to produce a scholarly product (abstract, curriculum, workshop, eLearning module, manuscript, etc.) for regional or national dissemination within 2 years of start of program award

What Oversight will be Provided during Program Participation?

Awardees of the program will develop a mentor-mentee agreement and set their own goals/timeline prior to the start of the program. Oversight of project progress will be provided by semiannual Faculty-Resident presentations to a group composed of members of the MMC Pediatric Residency Scholarship Oversight Committee and the BBCH Scholarship Academy Steering Committee.


Application Process and Timeline

November 2021: 1:1 sessions are available to refine your project ideas for the Letter of Intent. Please email SGabrielso@mmc.org to make a request.

December 1st 2021 5:00 pm: Letter of Intent Due

Please see below guidance for drafting your letter of intent in the specific aims page format. Please email SGabrielso@mmc.org your letter of intent by the due date. Applicants will be notified by December 15th whether or not they are requested to submit a full application.

December 16th 2021 – January 15th 2022: 1:1 sessions are available for applicants asked to submit a full application. Please email SGabrielso@mmc.org to make a request.

February 11th 2022 5:00pm: Application Due

Instructions for the full application will be made available on this website by December 2021.  Applicants will be notified by March 11th of acceptance or rejection. MaineHealth IRB approval is required before start of 0.1 FTE award.


Letter of Intent Guidance

Please clearly and concisely outline your Letter of Intent in a one-page Specific Aims page with the following sections: Introduction, Approach, and Impact.


    • Identify an important problem

      • Hook us with your first sentence
      • Describe the problem
      • Identify the gap in current knowledge
    • Introduce your project

      • Tell us why there is a critical need for your work
      • Define the consequences for not addressing the problem
      • Suggests a project to fill the gap in knowledge


    • Define your project

      • State your long term goal
      • Define your objective and the project design (and, if research, your central hypothesis)
    • Propose 1-2 specific aims

      • *Make sure that your aims do not depend on one another for success
      • *Format each aim in bold text (followed by a hypothesis, if research)
      • For each specific aim:
        • Describe the who, what, where, and when (including sample size, if research) needed to accomplish each aim
        • Include a plan for data collection, management, and analysis


    • Anticipate the impact of the project

      • Describe the likely impact of your project on the problem, the field, and future research
      • Describe the contribution of this project on your career development


Formatting requirements: maximum 1 page, no smaller than 11-point font, no less than 1.15 line spacing, narrow margins okay

Please reach out to Pediatric Research Navigator and Coordinator of the BBCH Scholarship Academy, Sarah Gabrielson (sgabrielso@mmc.org) for extra guidance and examples of a Specific Aims page including how to write goals and aims. Please email your Letter of Intent to Sarah on or before December 1st, 2021.


Application Guidance

Instructions will be made available here on this website by December 2021. Please check back soon.