Welcome to the Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM)  Academic Appointments and Promotions! Before you get started here is some quick information.

Unmodified Track: This is appropriate for a clinician on an academic career track in teaching, investigation and/or leadership. Examples would be clerkship and program directors, those conducting scholarly work, those pursuing leadership positions. These candidates do need to select a prototype.

Research Track: Most will not be in a research track, but for those pursuing this track, Please refer to the TUSM Clinical Appointment Promotion tables if you feel this fits your experience.

Clinical Track: This is appropriate for the majority of our faculty – those who are primarily clinicians and perform limited academic work. Someone who practices and teaches in clinic or on our inpatient services intermittently would be a good example. With this group, the two senior ranks are Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Professor. No prototypes to consider – thus, a simpler process.

Interested in a Junior Appointment?

  • This level of appointment is for new faculty or faculty who do not currently hold an academic appointment.
  • Requires TUSM CV Template
  • These appointments are made directly by your chief. Talk to your chief to get your appointment initiated.
  • Link here for the Clinical Non-compensated Form Revised 2015: Department chiefs are responsible for completing this form

Interested in a Senior Appointment?

For senior level promotions, use the grid below and simply mouse over the track you are interested in for a brief description. Click on that track for more information, including a printable checklist to see if you meet the criteria.


View these videos to learn why academic appointments and promotions are important and to get some tips on making the process easier.

John Bancroft
John Bancroft
Mike Baumann
Mike Baumann
Renee Howard and Kristin Johnson
Renee Howard and Kristin Johnson

Unmodified Track

Tools to get started:

Still have questions?

If you have questions or need help, please contact Janell Lewis, Pipeline Program Manager

Why is a Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) appointment important at MMC?

  • A TUSM appointment is required for all faculty participating in medical student education
  • New, junior and transferring faculty expect an opportunity for advancement
  • MMC’s academic “appointment profile” is a benchmark of our performance in faculty development, mentorship, academic achievement and efforts to improve diversity and inclusion
  • TUSM appointment and promotion process can become an important tool in achieving individual and organizational academic goals
  • Maine Medical Center, FY2019 AIP Goal FAQ’s 

Understanding your role in the Senior Promotions process:

Role of Department Chief

  • Meet with candidate to review CV and identify appropriate rank/track/Prototype; confer with TUSM Chair as needed
  • Meet with candidate to review referee list
  • Solicit and track referee letters using TUSM tracking template
  • Prepare letter addressed to Tufts counterpart and submit to IFPC with completed dossier

Role of Candidate

  • Submit Tufts formatted CV to Chief
  • Submit referee list, teaching portfolio and publications to Chief

Are you looking for information on a Placeholder (“Visiting”) Appointment?

  • Your Department Chief will help you with this
  • Ideal for faculty transferring from another medical school seeking senior TUSM rank
  • Requires TUSM format CV, Chief letter
  • This facilitates, but doesn’t replace formal appointment process

Are you looking for information on an Adjunct Appointment?

  • Your Department Chief will help you with this
  • Designed for faculty who wish to retain a primary appointment at another school
  • Requires TUSM format CV, Chief letter