The Academy at MITE

The purpose of the Academy is to promote, support and recognize excellence in teaching in the continuum of medical education. There are three levels of membership in the Academy: Masters, Fellows and Scholars.

Faculty Development Resources

This section includes a wide variety of online learning resources to promote faculty development, all of which offer Continuing Medical Education credit and are easily accessible. These resources are organized into core themes and broken into subjects that comprise each theme, making it easy to locate each resource.

Clinical Teaching

Includes a variety of approaches that address the challenges of clinical teaching and can be used to improve teaching methods within the clinical setting.


Developed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to evaluate graduate medical education programs and ensure that their learning environments meet the standards that they have created.

Quadruple Aim

According to IHI, the Triple Aim ultimately refers to three essential components that should simultaneously be achieved in order to create the foundation of a very successful system of health care.

Monthly Tip